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Making A Soft Book Using Fabric Panels


In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a soft book by using fabric panels! It's a quick and easy project that's perfect for gifting. I am using the Alphabet Book Panel Fabric from Quilting Treasures. 

Cutting Instructions:

1) Fabric Panels:

~~Cut out all pages 1/4" out from the outer black lines.

      *NOTE: The book cover should be slightly larger than the book pages.


~~Using your Front/Back Book Cover as your template, cut 3 layers of batting.


Book Page Assembly:

1) Lay 1 layer of batting down, then put pages 7 and 4 face up.

2) Then, put pages 5 and 6 face down on top of pages 7 and 4.

*NOTE: Make sure to line up your spaces marked for turning when finished.



3) Pin in place making sure to line up your book page corners.

4) Using a 1/4" seam allowance, stitch around the panels, making sure to keep all the page corners aligned.

     *NOTE: Remember to leave an opening for turning.


5) Serge or Zigzag stitch around the book page to secure the stitches.

       📍If using a zigzag stitch, make sure to cut off any excess fabric and batting and to clip the corners, before turning.


6) Turn book page right side out, making sure to use a bamboo stick or pillow turner to turn the book corners and edges.

7) Iron Book and slip/ladder stitch the opening (used for turning) closed.


Velcro Tab Assembly:

~Cut: (1) 2.5" x 3" fabric for tab.

          📍Sew lengthwise. Turn and iron. Fold top edge over twice and pin.


~Cut: 1" of velcro to attach to tab.

          📍 Place the rough side of the velcro over the end of the folded edge. Pin and sew.

1) Find the center of your front page (on the side your velcro will go) and pin it.


2) Place your velcro, directly in the center of where you pinned the page, and sew. Remember to take your pin out before sewing!

     *NOTE: make sure your velcro is far enough away from the edge you are going to be sewing.


3) Find the center of the back page, by folding your page in half, to make sure it lines up with velcro on the front cover and pin.


4) Lay your finished tab piece, with the velcro side facing up, on top of the back cover. **Making sure to overhang the edge. Pin in place.


Front Cover Assembly:

1) Lay pages 1 and 10 face down on top of the front/back cover.

    *Making sure to line up your spaces marked for turning when finished.


2) Pin and Sew.

3) Serge or zigzag stitch around and trim the excess off.

4) Turn, iron, and stitch closed.


Book Assembly:

1) Assemble your pages in the correct ascending order.

    ~When laying down each page make sure to line up the middle of the book and the book pages.


*NOTE: The front cover is slightly larger so make sure to leave an equal amount of space at the top and bottom.

2) Pin pages in place to prevent moving.


Book Binding:

To bind the book stitch down the center of the book using a regular or decorative stitch. I recommend using a walking/even feed foot to help evenly feed the fabric through. Alternatively, you can use a decorative stitch or hand stitch, to bind the book also.


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